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We empty your septic tank to keep it working for years to come. We service conventional septic tanks and mound systems.  We also do holding tanks, barn pits, grease traps, and floor drains. AAA Sanitation is in compliance with all DNR, federal and state regulations.

Pumping is needed to remove solids that fill the tank.  This  reduces its efficiency.  Per the EPA,  it is the home owners’ duty to maintain their septic systems. Click here to see information from the EPA.  Homeowners who ignore this duty can be faced with costly repairs. Solids can escape the tank and clog the disposal system. A maintained system may not need replacement.  For your Green Bay septic pumping needs, AAA Sanitation is here to help!

What happens if you fail to remove this waste?  The septic tank fills up and causes unsanitary wastewater to fill the drainage field. This is very bad for the environment.  If the sludge overflows, the septic tank leaks into the leach field. It may clog the leach field piping.  It also could reduce the soil porosity.  This can result in pricey repairs.

When a tank is cleared, the sludge is pumped out of the tank by our truck. How often your tank needs to be emptied all depends on a few factors.  How much does your tank hold?  This is  relative to the input of solids and the amount of indigestible solids.  Don’t forget to consider the ambient temperature. This works faster at warmer temperatures.

Other factors to consider are usage and system statistics.  Check the rules of your community. Some communities say that tanks are to be emptied at specific intervals.  Other places depend on inspector reporting.

Some systems need pumping every few years or less. Others may be able to go 10–20 years between pumpings. An older system with a smaller tank that is being used by a bigger family should be pumped more often.   A newer system used by a smaller family needs to be pumped less.  Decomposition restarts when the tank fills again.

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